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America's Cup - Just Do It and Positivity

September 17 was the drop dead date by which, according to previous statements emanating from Team New Zealand, the venue for the next Defence of the America’s Cup (AC37) from the short list chosen of Cork, Valencia and Jeddah would – indeed must – be announced.  Well, September 17 has been and gone and it seems it wasn’t a drop dead date after all.  According to news reports (but not yet on its web site, though on that of RNZYS) Team NZ has decided on a delay, for an unspecified period.  That may be because the Irish Government has said More...

September 11 - 20 Years On

Like such landmark events as the first landing on the Moon, the killing of President Kennedy and the death of Princess Diana (on my birthday actually), we all remember where we were at the time. In the case of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York and the Penatagon in Washington on September 11, 2001, I was participating in putting Ansett Australia into voluntary administration. Ansett was at that time a fully-owned subsidiary of Air New Zealand and I was Acting Chair of the latter. More could be said about that and the sequel which ultimately led More...

Whither America's Cup?

I have written about America’s Cup matters four times on this Blog, beginning on 1 July 2013 shortly before the Challenge racing in San Francisco and ending on 14 September 2020 with the prescient title “Whatever the result, is this the last time the America’s Cup event is held in New Zealand?”  And so here we are today following the end of the exclusive negotiating period between Team New Zealand and the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council with a “no deal” outcome.  That is accompanied by a seeming acceptance that the Cup is destined to go off-shore (probably forever) More...

Conducting Civil Appeals

Recently I took part with Jane Standage of Minter Ellison in an Auckland District Law Society Seminar chaired by Raynor Asher, retired Court of Appeal Judge, on the conduct of Civil Appeals.   Jane prepared a superb and comprehensive paper on all aspects of the subject which I urge any lawyer practising in litigation to obtain a copy of.  Raynor, as one would expect, provided invaluable insights into what is important to an appellate Judge.  My contribution was rather more prosaic but, for what it is worth, I will summarise the principal aspects of it below. Reviewing the Judgment under appeal More...

David Barnes (27 April 1958 - 23 October 2020) - A Personal Note

Last Friday (30 October 2020) was a sad day for those attending the funeral at St Joseph’s Church Takapuna of David Barnes but also a massive tribute to him from the yacht racing community.  The occasion, which was attended by everyone who was anyone in New Zealand yacht racing, provided a reminder of the prominent part that Dave played among New Zealand sailors of the past who led the way to New Zealand becoming a powerful participant in International yacht racing. As is well known, Dave (with Hamish Willcox) was the first New Zealander to win a World Championship in More...

Cannabis Bill Not the Right Reform

I have previously written about the Cannabis Bill referendum on my Blog on two occasions.  This is the third.   My justification is that the referendum is close and recent public debate has clarified the issues.  The report by the “panel of experts” chaired by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser and the further report by the New Zealand Drug Foundation also raise concerns as to whether the public is receiving full, accurate and sufficient disclosure of the potential harm that cannabis causes to health, particularly the young.  The distinction between legalization and decriminalization is also not fully appreciated.  Hence this More...

Whatever the result, is this the last time the America's Cup event is held in New Zealand?

New Zealanders have had a love-hate relationship with the America’s Cup and in particular with Team New Zealand since at least the time when the Cup was lost to Alinghi in 2003.  Always regarded – and in fact – “a rich man’s sport” and as such not easily fitting the New Zealand psyche where Jack is as good as his master, the efforts of Peter Blake, Russell Coutts, Brad Butterworth and Tom Schnakenberg in wresting the Cup from the United States and Dennis Connor in 1995 gave us a pride of achievement, a sort of David and Goliath feeling. That More...

Cannabis Legal Reform - Arguments For and Against

I have consistently believed that cannabis is a harmful substance and that people who use it for “recreational purposes” would be more sensible to choose a healthy form of recreation that doesn’t put them and those dependent on them, i.e. their children and future children, at risk of harm. A disappointing feature of the forthcoming cannabis reform referendum (apart from the fact that it's being held at all) is that it is the consequence of a political deal between the Labour and Green Parties.  Another feature of dubious morality is that it is being promoted as a measure that will More...

Will the Proposed Cannabis Legislation Achieve its "Overarching Objective" of Reducing the Harms Associated with Cannabis Use?

What does the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill (to be voted for or against in the Referendum) provide? It is an overstatement to say that the Bill legalises cannabis.  It does allow cannabis to be purchased by adults up to a maximum daily amount from licensed businesses and to be used by them either at home or at a licensed cannabis cafe.  Adults may also grow 2 cannabis plants at home (maximum 4 per household) out of sight and not accessible from public areas.  However, persons under the age of 20 are prohibited from growing, possessing or using and, More...

The Debate Continues - Virtual Hearings or Real Hearings

http://theitcountreyjustice.wordpress.com/author/abridgement/ With his permission, I have provided a link above to the website that Dr David Harvey, former District Court Judge, operates. This is mandatory reading, though I remain convinced that we should not compromise the essential elements of the in-court, oral, adversarial hearing. David’s contrary position, put in delightful language, is: “Although the panoply of justice and the ‘majesty of the law’ aspect of public performance may serve some ceremonial or symbolic purpose they are not necessary to the proper and efficient delivery of justice services.” That forces me to confess that I personally opposed the abolition of the More...

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